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What they’re saying:

Every month we send you a themed offer to get you mentioned in 8 “watering holes”. You’ll have an opportunity to get published in high authority (usually 60+ DA) blogs and publications.

We mention you in the articles together with other products and companies, but never with your direct competitors.

Not only will we help you get published on the most relevant websites for your business. We’ll also help promote the content on forums and social media – at no extra cost for you.

Really, really cheap

Usually, securing placements in 8 top publications will cost you anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000, depending on the publications in the offer.

And this doesn’t include the price of actually writing the articles, as well as time and energy spent managing everything with the blog editors and writers.

With ContentEnchanter, you can get published in 8 high-authority publications, for as little as $1,250. That’s more than 70% off!

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